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Dana- Artist, gamer. Kendrick Lamar is my psychologist , A$AP Rocky is my wardrobe advisor , Ms Lana del Rey, VSVP, HiiiPoWeR, Xbox, you can ask stuff I guess
. - 90s so don't you ask me.


Sometimes you gotta appreciate the element of Hip-hop instrumentals.

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Anonymous: How old are u


aliciagang: hold up u have an xbox??


Anonymous: Which state do you live in?

Currently TN



Definition: Airbath. AIRING OUT MY BODY TEMPLE IN 49 DEGREE WEATHER at SUNDOWN; A CLEANSE IN THE DEEPEST WAY. do you know how much toxic energy gets trapped in the folds and joints of a woman’s body temple? Shapeshifting chronicles, feline transitions. —INDIA, KALIFORNIA, Redwood Park, uphill travels. nude hiking. self portrait